Aftermarket Deadlocks For Transit Vans Your Way To Fame And Stardom

For transit vans, aftermarket deadlocks are a great accessory to any vehicle. They are a lock point and visual deterrent for your van. The deadlock cylinder is secured by an escutcheon made of black that is treated with UV. Many people pick these products because of their security, convenience, and ease of use. And the added security of deadlocks is a major benefit for most transit van owners. Deadlocks are also easy to install.

S Series

An S Series deadlock for transit vans is an optional addition to your vehicle, which provides an additional locking mechanism and security. This high-quality lock comes with a cylinder that serves as a visual deterrent and physical security. The lock is backed by a UV treated, black plastic escutcheon, the deadlock cylinder. You can install these locks yourself or have them installed by a locksmith. Here are a few benefits of installing an S Series deadlock for transit vans.

The S Series deadlock is manufactured out of nickel silver, the material of choice for high-quality keys. As opposed to brass, nickel is more durable than brass. The solid bow, branded with the L4V logo, is designed not to detach when in use. You can use one master key that can operate all doors on your van, making the lock even more secure. The deadlock prevents theft from your transit van.

The S Series deadlock costs PS130 depending on the van’s model and brand. To get the most affordable price, you should consider looking around for estimates. It is best for the security of your van if you make use of it to deliver packages or transport cargo. A deadlock adds security to your van. It deters thieves from stealing the lock inside the van. The S Series deadlock will reduce the chance of your vehicle being unlocked.

T Series

If your van does not have locks Locks 4 Vans can provide the T Series deadlock. These deadlocks provide the highest level of security as well as a visible deterrent by not allowing the door to open without the key. T Series deadlocks feature solid nickel silver keys as well as an L4V logo that is branded on the bow. The bow is wide enough that it is not twisted off.

A T Series deadlock costs around PS130 and can be installed by an locksmith for PS130. Prices will differ based on the type and Thekeylab.Co.Uk brand of your vehicle, so make sure to compare estimates. Although slamlocks can be cheaper than a deadlock, it is less efficient. Thieves can easily pick the van from inside if the van is left unattended. Even if you leave the van unattended , it’s impossible for thieves to unlock it.

Hook Lock

The hook lock is an electronic deadlock that is separate from the factory locking system of the van. A hook bolt is connected to the frame and door by looping it over a deadlock made of steel. The key that comes with the deadlock opens the Hook Lock. This lock is ideal for situations where the driver is able to trust with locking the vehicle. Here are some advantages of hook locks for transit vans.

If your transit van has no windows in the panels, you can install the Hook Lock deadlock. They aren’t simple to pick, but they can be used to prevent theft by using a visible deterrent. A slam lock is added to the door at the rear. It is frequently utilized by couriers and delivery drivers. They don’t require keys to operate. Hook Lock deadlocks can be a great choice if you need additional security for your van in transit.

The price of a van deadlock will be contingent upon the brand and model. It can cost as high as PS130. Find quotes from other companies. The slam lock is useful for couriers, as it reduces the chance of the van being left unlocked. This is only a first line defense. However, it is possible to pick the slam lock inside the van. A deadlock provides another line of defense and isn’t able to be picked from the inside.


L4V deadlocks are available on all van models and provide an extra layer of security to your vehicle. They latch onto the vehicle’s mainframe and are held securely in 3 dimensions which makes them more resistant to crowbar attack. These deadlocks work with most van models and come with mounting brackets as well as fixings that allow for professional installation. L4V deadlocks are a affordable and high-quality option to any van.

This deadlock is compatible with most types of transit vans. The L4V Armour lock holds the doors in a way, creating a a strong visual deterrent as well as protecting the door from being bent. It offers vehicle operators flexibility and extra security when needed. This lock is endorsed by the secure gold standard which ensures high levels of security. Visit LDS Van Security Locks to know more about the L4V deadlock.

The L4V Deadlock is designed to offer maximum security, while also offering flexibility to the user. L4V Slamlocks provide extra security when you need it. They automatically lock when the door is closed, van deadlocks and require a high-security lock to unlock them. To prevent peeling, the L4V Anti-Peel Kit was installed on the side doors to load. The L4V Hook Lock attaches to the top of the side load doors.

L4V Statement Lock

The L4V Statement Lock deadlock for transit vehicles is a lock that is mechanical. It locks into the opposite body section and is operated with an external key. This deadlock is perfect for owner-drivers or other applications where the driver is assured of the security. It also has shielding elements that provide external and internal protection against spikes on the handle doors, door latches as well as wiring looms.

There are two variations of this product: Slamlock or Deadlock. It is suitable for all modern vans. It comes with both low and high locking positions. It can also be installed on rear barn doors and side load doors. The model number of the vehicle is available on the product’s information page. Locks 4 Vans can also be reached for more details. The L4V Statement Lock deadlock is compatible with the majority of vans.


The Garrison Deadlock for transit van is a great way to add an extra locking point to your vehicle. The deadlock is a machine distinct from the locking system that is in your vehicle. Deadlocks, just like deadbolts on the front of your doors, require a key to unlock them. For side loader doors the deadlocks come with reinforced Plates. The deadlocks are covered by a 12-month warranty and are a great choice for security upgrades in your van.

The deadlock was designed with the most optimal installation positions in mind, and therefore is compatible with all van models. It can be used with 7×7 Garrison Cylinders, which are the standard for UK commercial vans. Upgrade to a Mul T Lock Garrison or 835 profile cylinder for greater security. They are both certified by Thatcham and highly secure. The Garrison deadlock for transit van is the best choice for security in your vehicle.