AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The AME course is an international licensure-based course that deals with the maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of aircraft difficulties. Approval from a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is essential for landing the aircraft. The AME has to ensure the fit-to-fly condition of an aircraft. The growth of aviation can be considered from the incredible increase in air traffic. This is the most crucial time for the students who are looking forward to make a career in the aviation industry. This course institutes in India have been approved by DGCA, Govt. of India which deals with the rules and regulations of civil aviation.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Eligibility

AME is that branch of engineering which is a lesser known and unique career for the students. Candidates aspiring to become an AME must fulfil the following eligibility:-

  • Candidates must be either 12th pass with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics stream from any recognized University/ Board.
  • 3 Year Engineering Diploma students are eligible to apply for this course.
  • Candidate’s age should be between 16 to 28 years at the time of admission.
  • Candidates must have qualified the AME CEE exam.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Duration:

The duration of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is a combination of academic sessions and practical training. The student will collect 2 years of theoretical knowledge in DGCA approved AME institute and live training will be conducted in DGCA approved organisations. After passing the module and completing practical training, DGCA will issue the licence to the candidates. A licensed AME can operate in the private or government sector around the world.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Fee Structure:

Following the academic session, the candidate has to deposit the fees at the AME Institute approved by the DGCA, which is approx. 3 to 6 lakhs for the entire course. The candidate has to deposit the semester-wise fee at the campus. The candidate will get the scholarship on the basis of All India Rank (AIR) of AME CEE. Hostel fee is not included in the academic fee. Hostel fee will be charged from the students as per convenience. It will be around INR 25,000- 40,000/- per semester.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Stream:

The aircraft maintenance engineering course licence is classified into the following categories:-

B1 Licence:- This licence holder undertakes maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of issues relating to the mechanical parts of the aircraft, engine, fuselage, landing gear etc.

The B1 licence subcategories are as follows:-

B1.1:- B1.1 The licence holder is required to certify the airworthy condition of the mechanical parts of an aeroplane together with the turbine engine.

B1.2:- B1.2 is for the goodness of aeroplanes with licensed AME piston engines.

B1.3:- This licence holder is required to maintain, repair and resolve the issue of helicopters with a jet engine.

B1.4:- This licensed AME is responsible for maintaining, repairing and resolving problems encountered in helicopters with piston engines.

B2 Licence:- This licence is commonly known as “Avionics”, in which students will learn to maintain, repair and troubleshoot issues related to electronic parts of aircraft.

The licence included the study of the following:-

  •  Electrical system
  •  Radio and navigation systems
  •  Instrumental system

Aircraft maintenance engineering course syllabus:

  • The aircraft maintenance engineering course curriculum depends on the choice of licence by the student. There are a total of 17 modules that students can clear to obtain a licence. The exact number of modules the student needs to clear will be based on the licence chosen at the time of admission counselling. Module 1 and Model 2 in DGCA will not be applicable for AME courses.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Opportunities
  • The career opportunities for AME students are limitless as the way India is developing in the aviation sector has become a topic of discussion for it. This is the ideal time for students who are looking for a career in the aviation sector. India has a lot of potential to be at the top of the world when it comes to aviation.
  • If we look at the airlines, the air traffic has increased which caught everyone’s attention. Many airlines have ordered new planes to manufacturing companies which boosts employment opportunities for the youth. Many construction companies are setting up their Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organisations in India.

AME can make a great career in the following areas:-

  • National and International Airlines
  • MRO Organisation
  • Aircraft manufacturing organisation
  • Aircraft parts manufacturing organisation
  • DGCA
  • Civil defence force
  • Aviation training centre
  • Flying club

AME Licence Process:

A student seeking to obtain AME DGCA licence has to go through the following process which is as follows:-

  • Candidates must fulfil the eligibility criteria of AME Institute approved by DGCA, Govt. of India.
  • Candidates should register themselves in AME CEE 2021 to get admission in AME institutes and avail scholarship up to 100% on tuition fee.
  • To obtain a licence, a student has to qualify for all the institute’s examinations, modules and complete training in a vibrant environment.

AME Lifestyle and Salary:

The salary package of the licensees is very high and their lifestyle is a dream for many aspirants. As per the pay scale, the average starting salary of INR 7 to 8 Lakhs per year. AME is a major carrier that deals with the responsibility of the safety and security of aircraft. Apart from salary, AME also earns a lot of respect. The salary of AME is exceptional around the world, the need of AME is also very high. These days AME has become a dream job for the students as it is a unique engineering program so the competition is a bit less.